Features for Fotcure TFL UV system


Microwave generated by magnetron is introuduced into the electrodeless lamp. Metal&Gas contained in the lamp is heated and energized, and then generate plasma.
FOTCURE TFL makes stable plasma within 5 seconds after switch-on and gives strong and stable ultraviolet rays.


・High Efficiency and High Power
 Almost parts of input power are changed to ultraviolet reys in FOTCURE TFL.
Comparing with the existing lamps, twice ultraviolet rays are gotten, that means 1.5 or 2 times curing speed can be expected in result.
Reflectors specially coated improve the output of ultraviolet rays.
 Meantime, the output meter of ultraviolet rays is mounted on the control panel for user's convenience.

・Longer Life Lamp in Frequent on-off
 As no electrode exist in the lamp, the life is 2 to 3 times longer than arc lamps.
In addition, the lamp is not influenced by frequent switch on-off, since the lamp works by magnetron.

・Selection of Wave Length Areas
 Mercury lamp to be effective for short wave and metal haride lamp to be effective for long wave are provided as requested.
 Required wave lengh areas can be given only by the selection of the lamps.

・Low Temperature
 Heat causing the deterioration of the substratess is generated by infrared ray, but microwave method generates only one third of infrared rays in the arc lamps.
Reflectors of cold mirror type reduce infrared raya substantially.
 If required, cold filter can be optionally installed to eliminate further infrared rays.

・Rapid Start/Restart and Low Ozone
 Within only 5 seconds after switch-on, satable ultraviolet rays are given, and ozone generated mainly at starting up is extremely low.

・Lightweight, Compact Design and Automation
 All units composing FOTCURE TFL are successfully desigend to be light, compact and automatic. (Refer to the Outling of Unite)
   Especially lamp unit may be carried by one hand, since comparing with the existing microwave lamp unit, the construction is simple.
Power supply unit may be carried by one person easily.
As operation controls are centralized in the control unit, FOTCURE TFL may be fully controlled from main control panels in factory.
In addition, enough terminals for future signal access are prepared to additional automatic controls.

・Unrestricted Lamp Orientation
 In case of the arc lamps, orientations are restricted.
If the arc lamps are installed vertically, the life is extremely shorten and/or the ray are unstable.
Therefore, the arc lamps must be located holizontally.
 Howaver, the electrodeless lamp used microwave can be installed in any direction, which is not influenced to the efficiency and lamp life.

・Perfect Security Design
 FOTCURE TFL automatically interlocks and suspends the operation at detecting the lowering of lamp power, damages of magnetron or cooling blower, leakage of microwave etc.
And also such detections are indicated and alarmed in the control panel.